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Our Friend the Toad

This little guy has been hanging around with us as we work on the outside of the house. We’ve allĀ seen him and carefully moved him away from our work areas.

What shall we call him?

What shall we call him?

From my research on toads and frogs I think this is a Fowler’s Toad. I haven’t come up with a name for him, but decided to check out the meaning of a toad showing up in the garden in my book, “Garden Spells – The Magic of Herbs, Trees and Flowers” by Claire Nahmad. Here’s what it says:

“If a toad should take residence beneath a stone, or amongst some old tree roots, honour his jewel-eyed presence in your garden. Do not call him names or drive him away. He is a custodian and guardian and within him lives the spirit of the garden. He will keep away all pestilence and attract the fairies, and he will ward of distemper within the home. It was said in olden days that a precious stone lived within his head, with a guardian angel alive inside it. If you make him your friend (and this can be done) you will be able to look into his eyes; and you will see that indeed they are like a magical composite of moonstone, topaz and soft brown agate, and that in them seems to dwell the spirit of wisdom.”

So there you have it. We welcome this Fowler’s Toad to our garden.

This is a great book if you enjoy folklore or believe in garden fairies. It is no longer in print but you could probably find a used copy online.

If you don’t believe in garden fairies, I only have one question. Why not?